Cannabis Regulator Solution

We're serious about cannabis.

Since 2010 we’ve been actively working to see the industry grow safely and responsibly. We invented seed-to-sale tracking in 2010, and now we offer Leaf Data Systems: a regulatory solution that aggregates essential compliance data from all licensed cannabis businesses in a state or municipality, providing regulators on-demand, virtual visibility into cannabis operations.

Save time; reduce the number of physical inspections required; and increase patient, public and product safety through:

Comprehensive reporting of licensee activity

Integrated inspection forms, customized to state or municipality requirements

Highly customizable alerting system to ensure that enforcement activities are efficient and effective

Full integration with licensed business management systems available

To speak with our team about implementing Leaf Data Systems in your state or municipality, please contact us.

Seed-to-sale tracking ensures the security and integrity of the supply chain from cultivation, through processing and manufacturing, to the final sale to the patient or customer. This gives cannabis business operators the tools they need to remain compliant and prevent diversion at their operation. MJ Freeway’s patent-pending traceability technology captures everything that happens in an individual plant’s life, providing visibility into the supply chain from any gram of finished product dispensed to a patient or customer, back to the plant it came from, and all activity, transportation, and transactions that happened in between. For more information, visit

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