Compliance Tracking for Operators

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Leaf Data Systems provides comprehensive track and trace software for regulators that supports a tightly controlled “chain of custody” model and helps prevent diversion and fraud. This solution includes data points for each element in the cannabis lifecycle, including: cultivation, harvest, processing, distribution, inventory, and sale. Leaf Data Systems allows all licensee-facing activities to be performed in batch or real time. Leaf Data Systems ensures that licensees have all the tools they need to meet compliance requirements.

Upload data through a secure API, CSV, or web-based interface

Batch upload capability supports licensees without regular Internet access

Separate test results API for laboratories

Patient purchase limits

Infused product potency methodology for calculating the quantity of marijuana in an infusion

Tracking that captures wholesale distributions and patient/customer deliveries

Seed-to-sale tracking ensures the security and integrity of the supply chain from cultivation, through processing and manufacturing, to the final sale to the patient or customer. This gives cannabis business operators the tools they need to remain compliant and prevent diversion at their operation. MJ Freeway’s patent-pending traceability technology captures everything that happens in an individual plant’s life, providing visibility into the supply chain for any gram of finished product dispensed to a patient or customer, back to the plant it came from, and all activity, transportation, and transactions that happened in between. For more information, visit

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